Get Back In Shape Astonishing Yoga Asanas

Yoga is an ancient art of the Asian civilization. It has derived its name from work “Yug” which means the union of individual and universal consciousness. Through this form of exercise, an individual rejuvenates his/her soul, physical strength and mental control. The body is cleansed and purified both from inside and outside. It is not a religion or belief; it is a science to use breathing and body postures to tone and strengthen the focus areas and organs of the human body.

With its proven success in curing and controlling many ailments and helping in weight control, it is becoming a popular and preferred fitness option for people worldwide. You can learn the asanas style, techniques and process by joining a yoga class or watching online sessions by certified gurus. Once you have got the technique and mechanism right, regularly practicing these asanas can help you overcome your body issues very effectively.

To understand the effect of yoga on the weight loss process, we need to understand the reason behind the weight gain. Apart from dietary reasons like unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders, improper functioning of specific body parts can also lead to weight gain. For controlling and improving the performance of internal organs, yoga offers various breathing patterns to cleanse, balance and revive the metabolism of the body.

A few asanas which can be helpful in the weight loss process include:
1. Surya namaskar: An amalgamation of twelve different poses focusing on different body parts, Surya namaskar (sun salutation), stretches the complete body. It strengthens the entire body structure, loosens ligaments and lowers anxiety levels.
2. Virabhadrasana: Also known as warrior pose, this asana works on legs, thighs, backbone and arms. By moving one leg back and the other leg to the front in a lunge position and stretching both hands joined in namaskar position upward, the warrior pose is formed. In another variant to this asana, you can keep the legs in the same position while spreading your hands wide open sideways.
3. Trikonasana: This asana works on the sides of the body, thighs and arms. You need to place your legs a little apart and stretch your hands outwards. Now turn sideways towards one side and try to move down towards the ground. Try to touch your foot with your hand and then repeat the same exercise for the other side of the body.
4. Purvottanasana: Also known as the upward plank, this is a beneficial exercise which works on your core strength, back, upper arms, spine, wrists, and improves your respiratory system. The positioning and technique of the asana are similar to that of a push-up, but the difference is that here, the body is facing upward.
5. Boat pose: This pose works wonder for reducing belly fat. Make a v shape by moving your legs up and simultaneously, moving your head up. Hold this position for 10 seconds while inhaling; exhale as you release your body.
6. Bridge pose: The bridge pose is another useful asana for the stomach and back. Here you need to lie down on your back, fold your knees, spreading them a bit and try to raise your body from the pelvic area upward with your hands holding your legs from behind. This is helpful in reducing fat from the thighs, buttocks and stomach.